Cybersole AIO Bot Review/Tutorial


Competitive Edge

Shoes get dropped almost every single day and some are so elusive you can only find them on secondary markets like StockX, Alias or Grailed. Instead of paying aftermarket prices how does one get the competitive edge to obtain the shoes at retail? Introducing Cybersole 5.0, one of the most sought after bots in the market today. Cybersole boasts more than a million checkouts to date between all users and not to mention a high success rate in the right capable hands. 

Smart Actions 

In Cybersole AIO 5.0, Smart Actions is a brand-new feature. Smart actions are actions that are predetermined by the user to automate the execution of a sequence of commands at the speed of a bot rather than a manual user. When properly chained, it may be a strong tool for increasing your copping success.


Being able to get the correct proxies that aren't banned or extensively used is one of the most critical aspects in shoe botting. Vendors who offer these proxies may receive them from the same provider, which means that heavy usage can result in those proxies being blacklisted, putting you at a disadvantage from the start. So, how can you find a reliable service provider? This varies with practically every drop, but if you join certain shoe copping discords and mingle with the community, you'll get a sense of who the best choice is for that drop.

Monitor Feed

Another new feature in Cybersole AIO is the monitor feed. This program routinely monitors incoming drops and shows them on a feed, allowing the user to immediately begin a task depending on the sizes available. The shops link on the display opens the sources page quickly. When you combine the monitor feed with smart actions, you can drastically improve your odds by eliminating human reaction time, but be aware that this comes at a cost. Anti-bot providers have devised innovative methods for detecting whether a bot is being utilized. Sometimes. ;)



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